I really enjoyed the recent GOLD reunion in London.

Standing next to Dave Cash for a photograph took me straight back to the end of my schooldays in the 1960’s when the Cashman & Cuddly Ken were our wake up call on the greatest pirate station of them all Big L, Radio London. Yes of course I’m biased – how could I not be with the station’s chief newscaster, Paul Kaye, as my next door neighbour & Phillip Birch as my future boss at Piccadilly Radio in Manchester.

Mark Wesley showed us a film of him broadcasting on Radio Essex at the age of 16 & Tony Prince had amazing footage of Radio Luxembourg including Kid Jensen & Noel Edmonds in their radio youth!

Great to see Graham Dene & to be reminded of his friendship with Lady Diana Spencer – she had the Capital Radio studio phone number & Graham may be the only man I know to have played requests for the future King & his brother!

Jonathan Pearce is a lot quieter these days on Match of The Day than he was on Capital Gold – we first met in Manchester in the late 1980’s when he came to cover the Guinness Soccer 6 competition at GMex. The late Bobby Moore was his summariser, the man who led England to the 1966 World Cup as Big L played the No.1 record of the day ” Out Of Time ” by Chris Farlowe.

And then there was my hero, our leader, the legend in his own lunchtime that is the sensational Tony Blackburn, with his trusty producer, Phil ‘ The Collector ‘ Swern by his side . Phil has the biggest one I’ve ever seen – record collection that is!

So from Dave Cash & Kenny Everett on Big L breakfast to Andy Peebles on GOLD for Soul Train – thank goodness I never got a proper job!


Paul Burnett,Tony Blackburn,AP                                    Graham Dene,AP,Dave Cash,Lesley Anne Jones.

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