I’ve always believed that honesty is the best policy particularly when you’ve not seen someone for four decades!

My apologies therefore to a former member of the Piccadilly Radio engineering team who stood in front of me  &

seemed baffled that I had no idea who he was! He worked for the company for 6 months so I rest my case!

Roger Day, Pete Reeves & myself represented the original on air line up & it was wonderful to see them both.

Colin Walters, who employed all of us, made the evening by coming all the way from France even though struggling

with his health. Thank you Colin for giving me a massive break in a tough business which acted as a springboard for

a career which has been a joy.

Naturally the 70’s gang & the 80’s gang gravitated towards each other as the evening progressed & I so enjoyed talking

to Lauren Miller, Brian Clarke, Petrina Rance, Dave Cave & Jim Hancock. Jim was Phillip Birch’s first appointment &

has gone on to become one of the best political experts in the North West. He struggled with the technology in the early

days & we had some fun teaching him the art of timing but he is hugely respected & still loves Plymouth Argyle!!

I took some of my own photos with me  & got a few smiles from those pictured in them but the displays around the venue

were brilliant & great credit to Liz Bracken & her team for so much hard work.

Those who failed to show were missed – Martin Brooks, our baby faced news reader who went on to become Head Of

Regional & Local Programmes for the BBC, Mark Radcliffe – on BBC duties in America, Phil Wood , Tony

Emmerson & Steve Merike. A great radio station & one I was so proud to work for.

Congratulations Piccadilly Radio 261 – we love you!!

Phil Sayer, Pete Reeves & Myself (Manchester Evening News ) & Roger Finnegan & I in the studio.


 Piccadilly Photo078

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