With Sir Ian Botham at BBC Radio One in the early 1980's.
With Sir Ian Botham at BBC Radio One in the early 1980’s.

It is rare for a radio show to run for forty years but, with a few gaps here & there, that is the case with Andy Peebles’ Soul Train. First broadcast in April 1974 on Piccadilly Radio in Manchester it has been heard since on Radio One, Radio Two, Smooth Radio & from November 2nd on the Gold network.From Curtis Mayfield, Aretha Franklin & Marvin Gaye to Dyke & The Blazers & Ollie & The Nightingales it has been an utter joy to present.

It is only a part of 40 years of work on the wireless for a man who fell in love with the family’s Bush radio in the 1950’s. Sunday lunch was eaten in company with Billy Cotton, Ted Ray, Jimmy Clitheroe, Kenneth Horne, The Navy Lark &  the Top 40.  Andy’s career has seen him broadcast for BBC Radio Manchester (1973), Piccadilly Radio (1974-1978), Radio One (1978-1992 ), BBC Radio Lancashire ( 1992-1999 ), BBC North The Late Show (1999 – 2002 ) & Smooth Radio as well as BBC Schools Radio, BFBS, BBC World Service & BBC Radio Sport. He covered cricket for 27 seasons at national & local level for the BBC & watched a young Ian Botham flourish into one of the world’s great players.

Those he has interviewed include three Prime Ministers, Britain’s best known hangman & an amazing collection of pop stars including Mick Jagger & Keith Richards & John Lennon & Paul McCartney. The Lennon interview took place in New York just two days before the star’s senseless murder.

Andy will always remember his late mother’s phone calls which usually concluded with ” But darling when are you going to get a proper job?”



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